Why Cheat India

The movie starts off by showing the reality of Indian Education System and how children are pressurized by their parents to become a Doctor or an Engineer.

The scene goes off to Kota, where a boy named Satyendra Dubey (Sattu) lives in a rented house and is doing his coaching to crack the engineering entrance exam. After his coaching, he returns back to his house in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh where he lives with his parents, elder sister – Nupur Dubey (Shreya Dhanwanthary) and grandmother. The day of the entrance exam comes and Sattu writes his paper well. When the results are out, Sattu ranks 287. While at a theatre, Sattu and his friends are told to move to the lower seats by some corrupt politicians. There is one more man who is asked to do the same but he refuses and fights with the goons and gets them arrested by the Police. He is Rakesh Singh (Emraan Hashmi). Rakesh visits Sattu’s house and takes him to a tea stall where they both talk for a while and Rakesh gives his contact number to him. The next day, Sattu calls Rakesh at a restaurant where Rakesh gives him an offer in which if Sattu gives the exams of some rich candidates who just want admission in a college , he will be rewarded ₹50,000 per student. Sattu agrees and starts giving exams and earns a lot of money for his family.

When Sattu goes for higher level exams to places like Kolkata and Mumbai, he has sex with prostitutes. In the meanwhile, Rakesh goes to his house where his sister is getting married, and we find out Rakesh is married. Sattu is later rusticated from his college because he was caught giving someone else’s exam, he is arrested and Sattu gets addicted to drugs. After he recovers, Rakesh hands him the latter’s degree certificate and asks him to go to Qatar, UAE for job. After a few years, Rakesh reunites with Sattu’s elder sister Nupur Dubey. They spend a good time until a twist takes place in their lives. One day, Nupur tells him that she wants to do M.Ba. in order to get promoted to a higher post. Rakesh gets the M.Ba. paper solved by some of his students and calls Nupur to her office’s parking area. When Rakesh reaches there and tells Nupur that he has got the paper leaked, camera flashes on his face, all the vehicles headlights turn on and the police inspector arrests him for leaking the paper. The movie goes into flashback showing that Sattu is fired off from his job as his degree was just a Photoshop certificate with just his name (created by Rakesh to get him out of the exams and rustication load). Sattu attempts suicide. The scene returns to the present time showing that Nupur had taken revenge for her brother’s suicide. After being bailed from jail, Rakesh builds an engineering college on his father’s name which runs successfully.

Phir Mulaaqat Lyrics from Cheat India

Toh kya huva juda huye
 Magar hain khushi mile toh the
 Toh kya huva mude rasatein
 Kuch door sang challe toh the
 Dobaara milenge issi mod pe
 Jo baki hain vo baat hogi kabhi
 Chalo aaj chalate hain hum
 Phir mulaaqat hogi kabhi - 2
 Juda ho rahe hain kadam
 Phir mulaaqat hogi kabhi
 Dukhaun mein dil jaate jaate tera
 Mera aisa koi iraada nahi
 Chupalunga mein has ke aansu tere
 Yeh teri khushi se toh jaada nahi
 Jo bichade nahi toh fir kya majja
 Zaroori hain rehnebhi thodi kammi
 Nahi hoga kuch bhi khatam
 Phir mulaaqat hogi kabhi

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